The Renovate Avenue

Your home and investment property is the largest purchase you’ll ever make in your life, the most costly and most stressful.

It’s a place for family, friends a social hub for people to get together and share memories. Your property can also be a source of income, profit and can mean you can get financially forward in life.

Renovation and good styling can mean, updating the space you love and live in, it can mean increasing your home equity and increasing your property portfolio.

So how can you get the most out of your renovation and ensure you minimise the risks which come with renovation?

Welcome to my site! I share valuable information and offer one on one consulting to assist with the renovation and styling process and help with avoiding costly mistakes.

My name is Claudia Brdar, renovation and style specialist

Born in Melbourne. I am a mum to two kids, Ella 20 & Dane 17 and my husband Pete has taught me a lot of what I know, about DIY renovations. I’ve always had a deep passion for styling and enjoy creating a beautiful space to be in.

I want to help others with my home renovating and styling  tips for anyone wanting to DIY on a budget, or where and how to access the right services. From kitchens and bathrooms to smaller cosmetic renovations and interior design/style ideas, my guidance and my tips can help you create your dream space and get financially forward with the property market.

I can help you create a beautiful space to live in or to sell for a profit.



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